December 5, 2014

eBay findings

Hi! Today I decided to do something different.. I don't know how many of you that buys stuff at eBay? Well, I do. A lot... I'm going to show you some of my favorites/findings there, and tomorrow I'm gonna post another look from last week.

Creepers with leopard print - here
Awesome retro sunglasses - here
Vintagelooking ring - here
Cross with beads necklace - here
Faux leather skirt - here

Eye print sweater - here
Retro flip up round sunglasses - here
Polo neck crop top - here
Bohemia mini skirt - here
Moon necklace - here
Floppy hat - here
Bomberjacket - here
Velvet skirt - here
Imagine Dragons tee - here
Baggy beanie - here
Burgundy creepers - here
Chunky spiked boots - here
Denim overalls ♥ - here
Platform sandal shoes - here (got these in the mail today, LOVE THEM)

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